Biodegradable urns: curious ideas for an ecological funeral

Every time the option of cremation is the most requested by both our loved ones and family members. This fact is compounded by the growing ecological awareness of a large part of the population in many countries of the world. For all this, new preferences and needs related to green burials are emerging in which an environmentally friendly farewell is made. 


We will see below several proposals for responsible funeral ceremonies with the planet:

  • Mundi Capsule: An Italian company offers a biodegradable egg-shaped container in which the ashes or organic remains of the deceased are deposited in the fetal position. This large urn is planted in the ground together with a seed from which grows a tree previously chosen by the deceased person or their relatives.


  • Parks like cemeteries. Vertical burial spaces in which we create natural gardens that will also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming of the planet. This type of cemeteries is more common in Anglo-Saxon countries and in northern Europe

  • Biodegradable urn designed to decompose naturally and non-polluting. They are urns made with sand and natural resins that can be buried next to the plant or tree preferred by our loved one 

  •  A Swedish company called Promesa Organic has proposed to modify the concept of cremation and carry out a totally natural and sustainable chemical decomposition process on the deceased that transforms the body into a fully usable compost to incorporate it into the life cycle of plants.

  • Ashes from cremation can be used to create physical objects. Pressurized and treated ashes can be turned into diamonds, sculptures, and even vinyl records. 


Finally, comment that there are also coffins made of wool, wicker, cardboard, banana leaves or bamboo that contribute to making the funeral process more sustainable.

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