Frequently asked questions

Q: What are cremation urns?

A: Cremation urns containing the full ashes of your deceased loved one. The urn can serve as an elegant element in your home or decorative piece in a Columbarium. In the case of biodegradable urns, they can be buried somewhere with special memory for you. The urn may also contain hair, photos or any small object that is special to you and your family. Cineraria urns believes that whatever make you feel good is the right thing to do when it comes the memorializing your loved one.

Q: How do I know what size urn to buy?

A: One pound of weight equals one cubic inch of cremains. If your loved one weighted 190 lbs, you need an urn that is 190 cubic inches. You will find the capacity of each urn shown in litres on the description page of every urn you see. The same rule applies to pets. Keepsakes are designed to contain a small portion of ashes between 80 and 100 cubic centimeters.

Q: How to put the ashes in the urn?

A: The ashes are usually delivered in a sealed plastic bag. You have to put the bag into the urn without opening the bag if it is not needed. In case of biodegradable urn you can empty the contents of the plastic bag directly into the urn or, if desired, you can use the biodegradable bag provided with the urn. To change the ashes of bag you should put de biodegradable bag opened inside the urn and fill in carefully from the other bag. If we spread the ashes in several urns, mini urns, keepsakes or cremation jewelry we have to choose a quiet, interior and without drafts to perform the operation. In some cases is appropriate to use a small funnel to make the task easier.Most families are very capable of filling the urn themselves. It is mechanically easy and can be therapeutic. However, we understand that for some the task can be emotionally overwhelming and that some outside help or just the support of a friend may be necessary to fill the cremation urn. The funeral home or crematory will usually give you the ashes in a temporary cardboard or plastic container, within which is almost always a plastic bag containing the ashes. This bag of ashes can usually be transferred right into the new urn without ever having to touch the ashes. If you prefer, you may give your funeral professional the urn; they will gladly fill it for you.

Q: How does a cremation urn for ashes open and close?

A: This depends on the style and material of cremation urn. Some open and close with a threaded lid; this is more common in metal urns, like brass and copper. Some urns have a bung hole with a plastic plug. Ceramic urns for ashes may have a friction fitting lid that can be sealed with a bit of silicone sealent or a cord tied provided. For added protection or just a permanent closure you can add some crazy glue or some clear silicone to the opening.

Q: What is a keepsake?

A: A keepsake holds a small amount of cremains. It's a small and decorative piece perfect for one or more family members to keep a small portion of ashes in memory of your loved one.Keepsakes open and close with a threaded lid.

Q: How long do biodegradable urns take to decompose?

A: It depends on the type of soil and weather conditions. Usually it takes about 3-6 months when buried in the ground. A higher humidity faster biodegradation. Once placed in water, it will dissolve within three days.

Q: If I buy a biodegradable urn, will it start to decompose before I bury it?

A: No. Our urns only start to decompose when in moist conditions. If the urn is stored in appropriate conditions it should last indefinitely.

Q: What I can do with the biodegradable urn?

A: The return of the ashes to the nature is a beautiful act. With the biodegradable urns you can choose an evocative place with a special charm for you or your loved one to bury the urn. If you want to sink the biodegradable urn into the sea, you should know that it has a legal requirements and the urn should be placed into the water at a minimum distance from the coast than 3 miles (5 kms) and with the help of a company with legal authorization from the Ministry of Development. Throwing wreath or flowers with stem to the sea is not allowed. Only petals or flowers without stem.

Q: What is ash keepsake jewellery?

A: Our high-quality ash keepsake jewellery pendants have hidden chambers for containing small amounts of a loved one's remains, a lock of hair or dried ceremonial flowers. Easily filled and sealed, these beautifully handcrafted pendants are the perfect choice for those wishing to keep the ashes of a loved one close to the heart. We advise that purchasers of this product should ask their funeral professional for guidance. Ashes have to be put into the keepsake with the help of a small funnel.

Q: Cremation urns for pets?

A: We offer a range of urns specially designed to conserve the ashes of your pet. In the case of applying for an individual cremation for your beloved pet, you will receive his ashes in a plastic bag or standard container. Then, you can choose between our elegant and decorative urns to preserve an recall your beloved pet.

Q: What size pet urn should I buy?

A: In each of our cremation urns we give some indications. Usually every 3 kg of weight of your pet, 165 cubic centimeters capacity is required. For example, if a pet weights 8 kg, an urn of a minimum of 440 cucic centimeters (0.44 liters) capacity is needed.

Q: How do I move the ashes of my pet to the new urn?

A: The ashes will be deliverd in a plastic bag within a provisional plastic urn (in case if individual cremation). To move the ashes you have to simply place the plastic bag into the new urn. If, for some reason, you have to change the ashes of bag, keep in mind this is a delicate operation. It is recommended to use a funnel. You can ask crematorium staff for help.