About us.

Our facilyties.

Cinerariai Urns is a brand of Peguimar S.A., which is a company dedicated to the jewellery and fashion jewellery market since 1975. In the past few years we have created a specialized cremation urns department. We have found cremation urns and keepsakes artisans and manufacturers of several countries to provide us the high quality products, stylish design and made from various materials. Our aim is that our costumers found the piece that best suits your needs.

We would like to express our costumers our symphaty and consternation for the loss of your loved one. We will pay attention to your suggestions in order to customize the product, if you wish to.

Peguimar Group also commercialise other products under the brand name of Peguimar.

We offer a wide catalogue of products for making imitation jewelry. Products such as chains, claps, earrings, pearls, players, soldering and in general all about imitation jewelry components.


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