Frecuently asked questions

Q: What are cinerary urns?

A: The cinerary urns contain the ashes of the deceased loved one. The urn can serve as an elegant element in your home or decorative in the columbarium, and in the case of biodegradable ones, they can be buried in a place of special memory. The urn can also contain hair, photographs or some small object that is special for you and your family.

Q: What size urn do you need?

A: The standard capacity of the urns is 3 liters and is adequate to hold the ashes of an average adult. We also have 1 liter mini-urns suitable for holding the ashes of people of less weight. The reliquaries are designed to contain a small portion of ashes of between 80 and 100 cc.

Q: How to put the ashes in the urn?

A: The ashes are usually delivered in a closed plastic bag. Put the bag in the urn and do not open the bag if it is not necessary. If you want to empty the ashes into the urn, place the entire bag inside the urn and carefully open and remove the bag leaving the ashes inside. In the event that you have chosen a biodegradable urn, you can proceed as indicated above or, if you wish, use the biodegradable bag that is inside. To do this, you must carefully empty the contents of one bag into the other. If we want to distribute the ashes in several urns, mini urns, reliquaries or jewelry, we must choose a quiet place, indoors and without drafts to carry out the operation. In some cases it is convenient to use a small funnel to facilitate the task. If we are unable, for whatever reasons, to proceed properly with these operations, we recommend that you ask for help from a person you trust or go to the crematorium, where qualified people will carry out this delicate task for you.

Q: How to open and close the polls?

A: It depends on the type of urn. Some have a cap that closes with a little pressure, others must be sealed with a glue and others have a screw cap. In some cases, we send an explanatory sheet on how to close the urn. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal to advise you.

Q: What is a locket?

A: Is a mini perfect urn for one or more family members to share and Keep a small portion of ashes as a keepsake for your loved one. It has a screw-on lid so that it is perfectly closed.

Q: How long does it take for biodegradable urns to biodegrade?

A: It depends on the type of soil and weather conditions. It usually takes a few months to biodegrade once buried. The higher the humidity, the faster the biodegradation. Submerged in water, it completely biodegrades in approximately 3 days.

Q: Where can I take the biodegradable urn?

A: Returning the ashes to nature is a beautiful act. With the biodegradable urns you can choose an evocative place with a special charm for yourself or your loved one to bury the urn. If you want to throw the biodegradable urn into the sea you should know that it is a legislated activity and they must be thrown into the water at a minimum distance from the coast of 3 miles (about 5 kms) and with the help of a company with legal authorization from the Ministry of Development . Crowns or flowers with a stem may not be thrown into the sea, only flower petals, or flowers separated from the stems.

Q: What is ash jewelry?

A: It is usually a choker with a pendant that allows you to carry a small portion of your loved one's ash. In a beautiful way to keep your memory. The pendant has a tube with a sealed screw closure inside where the ashes can be inserted with the help of a small funnel. To carry out the tasks of transferring the portion of ashes, we advise you to go to your funeral home.