LIBER BLUE biodegradable urn

LIBER BLUE biodegradable urn

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Blue funeral urn decorated with birds made with 100% renewable and biodegradable materials. This urn is designed to be buried or placed in water.
Funeral urn designed for families who prefer an ecological destination for their loved one. This urn is made of sand, salt, earth and plant paste to compact. There are no chemicals in the manufacturing process of this urn. To preserve this urn it should be kept out of humid or hot places. It should not be exposed to the sun or sources of heat. It should be kept at a room temperature between 18º and 20º, preferably in the original box. To fit the urn lid, lightly moisten the inside of the lid that will be in contact with the urn. Put the cap in place and press to seal. Instructions for use are included in each urn. Once buried, the urn will biodegrade in a few months (3 to 6 months), depending on soil and weather conditions. If submerged in water, it will biodegrade in approximately 15 minutes. It includes a biodegradable bag to introduce the ashes of your loved one. 

Material: Sand and vegetable glue
Height (mm): 230
Width (mm): 170
Weight (g): 1445
Capacity (liter): 3,5

Instructions for use are included in the packaging.